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. >>> and the federal government remains shuttered for a second day. in seven minutes, we'll tell you about the mess that needs to be cleaned up. >> other top story, getting ready for the world series parade. it takes a lot to organize a big event. fortunately, the city has a little recent experience. tara has some of the activities that are happening today. >> we have the black and orange. they are busy stappling away. we have six floats. we have a ways to go. >> getting everything ready in time. plap. >>> and you're in our -- >> they are stappling sheeting, cutting wood and painting orange stripes. while the players are in vintage cards. . >> we are just in a world wind of activity right now. and we have less than 24 hours to produce the parade. as you could see, there's an army of parade termites. getting the giant colors up. >> and in 2010, an estimated 1 million people attended the parade downtown. this time around, the same number is expected they tell us they are not beefing up the staffing levels. discretionary -- if you are working, you can't take the day off. >> we want everybody working b
up. it will get worst. the city right now is on lock down. it is empty. the government is closed. the white house, con congress, federal agents are shut down for business. emergency personnel are working here today. once more, mass transit, train stations are empty. and power outages are looming up to several million people could lose power by midnight. president obama had to campaign the stops in florida and ohio to deal with the emergency. he spoke after a briefing in the white house situation room. transportation room is tied up for a long time. friday, the significant impact for a lot of people in addition to flooding will be getting power back up. we anticipate there are a lot of trees down, a lot of water. >> by the shore especially. and the record levels in the eastern shores, delaware and new jersey. president obama is campaign -- canceling the campaign spot tomorrow. the storm is hitting its peak right now in washington. live this afternoon, scott mcfarland, ktvu news. >> we'll be following hurricane sandy throughout the day on ktvu. more on the website and full coverage
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2